Privacy Policy

1. Intellectual Property

a) emartU do not provide any source code license until or unless quoted specifically to client.
b) All source code and associated intellectual property developed by emartU solely remains the property of emartU (except source code license issued to the client).
c) Any modification in the code like alteration and reverse engineering may be breach of trademark and copyright laws. Breaches will be penalized according to relevant acts.
d) If Client Is Asking For Third Party License Code Client Will Be Solely Responsible For Rights And Payments.

2. Cancellations (After Acceptance of Quotation)

a) If client cancels the project after acceptance of quotation, client is responsible to pay the invoice by emartU for completed work till date.
b) The Minimum Cancellation Fee Will Be 30% Of The Signed Quotation.

3. Contents

a) All The Contents Should Be Adhere To Legislation Law And Cyber Law.
b) If client is unable to format the content. Emartu will provide the service on per hour charge facility.
c) If client changes the content after quaotation which adds/alter extra work and feature to the completed work will be chargeable as per norms of emartu.

4. Permissions and Copyrights

a) The clients should have the permission and authority for all materials such as photos, logos, graphics, names and trademarks supplied by clients to emartU.
b) emartU will not be responsible for damages or losses incurred by the Clients from use of material for which permission and authority has not been Obtained.